Our Original Rockers

Steve Kogan

President & Founder
a.k.a "Boss Man"

Tena Kogan

General Manager
a.k.a. "Red"

The Employee Network, established in August 1998 by Arizona native Steve Kogan, was a 2 a.m. brainstorm that has built the 19 year old company that exists today. His vision was to develop a place where trusted merchant partners could advertise discounts to the corporate employees in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

The Employee Network member base started with one company's 9,000 employees, who benefited by having one clear concise place to find ALL of their available employee discounts. The discounts that are offered to Employee Network Members are managed on a daily basis by The Employee Network staff rather than the corporations.

Steve recalls, "In August 1998 we started with just 9,000 employee members from one major corporation and today our member base is over 800,000 from more than 350 of the largest corporations and government agencies across the nation."

With an experienced staff, The Employee Network continues to bring in quality vendors who are happy to offer a discount to our exclusive membership program.

Tena always thought the only way to get into the workplace after school was to market herself, and what better way than to be in business for herself and pursue an industry she enjoyed.

She started out in the fitness industry and gradually moved into nutrition while all the time finding gratification in helping others meet their goals. In 1983, she went into Promotional Advertising at ground level not knowing anything about the industry. Eventually, Tena moved up in the industry - starting in order entry, accounting, sales and becoming an owner in 1993. Through those ten years, she learned how important quality, price and integrity really means to her customers. The Employee Network became a natural progression from advertising - enabling her to utilize her strong beliefs in great customer care and assisting others with their travel/various other employee discount needs.

Tena says, "It is very rewarding to have customers with such sincerity thanking you for saving them time and money."

Modern Rock

Felicia Jones

Graphics and Events

Megan Gormley

Events Coordinator

Felicia joined the Employee Network in 2017. She grew up in Indiana and made the move to Arizona four years ago to study at Arizona State University to get away from the cold weather. Felicia recently graduated with a bachelors in visual communications, aka graphic design, in May of 2017. While she's away from work, she loves going outdoors with her dogs, Bradley Cooper and Pork Chop as often as she can.

Megan joined The Employee Network in February 2017. Megan grew up in Michigan and moved to Arizona with her family 12 years ago. She enjoys taking road trips and spending time camping and doing outdoor activities. She was previously working in the customer service industry. After talking with her for just a few minutes you will come to the realization that she is always up for a challenge and is excited about working with the great people within The Network!

David Shostack

Web Master

Miguel Almarez

Sales Manager

David has been involved in The Employee Network since he was just a child. Born in Arizona, but raised in California he found his instincts were to return to the place of his birth and moved back to Arizona 9 years ago. He achieved an Associate's degree in Accounting before pivoting his attentions to the elusive science of computers.

When he steps away from the mysterious arts of the keyboard he enjoys playing basketball, socializing, and the gentlemen's activity of whiskey tasting. Though he prefers a lowkey life, his name has been thrown in the ring for the next Most Interesting Man In The World position.

Miguel Almaraz came to The Employee Network in 2013, and many say that is when this company really started to gel. While some say that he has a tendency to over analyze situations, at least you’ll know that when he gives you an answer, it’s been well thought out.

As far as his past, you name it - he’s probably done it. …or despite many offers has made a conscious decision not to do it. Educated? Check! A true Sun Devil, he graduated from ASU just a few years ago (wink) and he also holds an MBA with emphasis in Marketing. Managed at a fortune 500 company? Check! He worked for Motorola for 11 years, gaining a wealth of business insight. Started a local chapter of an International Usability Association? Check! Miguel founded the Arizona chapter of the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA).

Published Author? You guessed it, CHECK! Miguel is a published author of a very informative piece that has been published in English, Spanish and Mandarin. So, in short, you could say that he’s internationally known, nationally recognized and locally accepted.

If you ask him for a quote, he may give you one of two: “We’ll see.” “They all do it, they just don’t know it yet.”