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Siera Snider wrote (Sept 2012):
I had such an amazing time at the Out of Africa Wildlife Park! Going to traditional zoos can be fun, but this place was ten times better, and you don’t have to walk miles upon miles to get from one end to the other. We all know that the main attractions at zoos are the carnivorous creatures, like lions, tigers, bears, wolves and many more. What makes Out of Africa really cool is that they have multiple exhibits with all of these big cats.

I remember seeing at least 5 different lions and 3 different tigers on my adventure around the park.  Also, Almost all of the animals were visible, I wasn’t looking into a bunch of empty habitats!  Not only that, but you are quite literally only about 15 feet away from the animals, which makes for some amazing photography!

All in all, Out of Africa is pretty relaxed; they have an incredibly nice staff, which are also super knowledgeable and always happy to answer questions. The shows are really entertaining, and are all a MUST if you are going to plan a trip up there. During the Giant Snake show I actually got to take a picture with their Burmese Python. I’d never gotten to do anything like that before, and it was amazing that I was given that opportunity. Camp Verde may seem like a long drive, but it’s definitely worth it, and makes for a great day trip!

Jacob Tilley wrote (Sept 2012): My experience at Out of Africa was absolutely wonderful! I enjoyed every minute of the great atmosphere and really liked how much more mellow it was compared to a zoo. All of the shows were quite entertaining and educational. There was an opportunity to feed a tiger, pet and hold a snake, and I even got to feed and pet a Giraffe! My friend Siera got to hold a 20 foot python! I was within a few feet of bears, tigers, zebras, lions and many other African wildlife! i have to say this was a much more up close and personal experience as compared to a zoo.

Another thing i enjoyed was how clean the park was, it didn't even smell like a zoo! All of the staff was highly knowledgeable and very kind. I would recommend this park to everyone and anyone! its a great day trip for the family! I do recommend going on a non holiday weekend it makes for a much more relaxing time and it gives u much more options to go around the park and not have to worry with all of the crowds you see at the zoo.

Wade from Honeywell wrote: "Out of Africa park is truly unique. I have never visited anything like it. We thoroughly enjoyed taking the Safari ride inside the cages. The kids loved feeding the giraffe. One of the best places we have visited."
Pam Hensley wrote: "Out of Africa was the funnest place to celebrate my son's 21st birthday, as well, as his girlfriend's 24th birthday! We enjoyed the close up encounters with the animals taking the safari ride and Ziplining above all of them was such a spectacular view. Thank you to all the friendly and amazing staff at Out of Africa for making our day one that we will never forget. An extra surprise was that my son and his girlfriend had a free admission into the park because of their birthday!!! You're the best Out of Africa!!! "

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