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Rules & Regulations
First and foremost you "MUST ask for your Employee Network Discount". The ID holder must be present to redeem discounts offered. You must present your identification prior to making the purchase.
Not valid with any other offers or specials. Not subject to prior commitments.

Your Employer makes no representation of these advertisers. Members doing business with these vendors do so at their own risk;
your employer assumes no responsibility for any dispute arising from any transaction. 

SK Promotions Inc. dba The Employee Network is an independent publisher not affiliated with any of the advertisers listed within
these pages. The Employee Network does not accept any liability whatsoever for any material supplied by the advertisers, including
the use of trademarks, logotypes, slogans, or other service marks or any other claims made by the advertiser. The Employee Network
does not endorse nor are we responsible for any issues with these individual advertisers. All calls and inquiries of these individuals
must be made to those company's directly. We take no responsibility for misprints, typographical errors or changes made to an
individual advertisers program. All decisions to purchase a product or service via this program reside solely with the employee and
should be made based upon their own determination of suitability. The Employee Network as well as any of our Corporate Partners
shall not be party to any transaction between an employee and the supplier.

The Employee Network reserves the right to choose the company's that are listed within these pages. The Employee Network also
reserves the right to cancel at anytime for any noncompliance or for reasons that can not be rectified. Only Companies with bonified
discounts, and or benefits, products or services, can be listed within these pages.

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For any other questions about the program or information about being listed here, contact us
via email or call 480-768-0837

The Employee Network
136 West Orion Street, Suite D-9
Tempe, Arizona 85283