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Darrell from Banner Health wrote: "I am a single father with two children 12 & 8. I was at work one evening in May, and got a call that our air conditioning went out, and was only blowing hot air. Well I couldn't have them sit in the house when it's 110+ outside. So I called around and everybody wanted $40-$65 just to come out and take a look. Then I remembered Employee Network and clicked on AC/Heating. The very 1st one was Air Care Cooling & Heating. I called them and told them my situation and they scheduled someone to come out later on that night, but after I told them I had two kids at home sitting in the heat, they rearranged their people and had someone at my house within a couple hrs. I know they didn't have to do that but they did. Anyway after all was said and done, not only did I not have to pay for them to come out and look at it, I got a discount on the final bill because I went through Employee Network, I also got a discount for adding a 7yr warranty on my air conditioning. Now they will come out and check it twice a year for free. So I have to say thanks to Employee Network for providing this info to me and also thanks to Air Care Cooling & Heating for there quick response and for thinking of my children. I did writing a letter to their company letting them know just how pleased I was with them and have referred them to others. Thanks for listening."

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