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Deborah from St. Luke's Behavioral Health wrote: "Grand Canyon Railway is a must do adventure for the entire family! Riding the train is like stepping back in time into the Old Wild West. You will step on board the train in Williams with the help of real cowboys who will sit you in wooden seats in the old vintage passenger train. The windows have the original rope pulleys to raise and lower them. It's fun to feel the breeze, relax to the sounds of the train rolling down the tracks while taking in the smell of pine trees,watching wildlife and witnessing beautiful scenery. Once to the Grand Canyon the train conveniently pulls up inside the park. All can be out the door and enjoying the Grand Canyon in a matter of minutes! When your tired and ready to head for home, the train is waiting to take you back. Enjoy relaxing and drinking the ice cold soda they offer you. Take a nap or...watch the cute cowboys moseying up and down the isles!"
Susie from Scottsdale Healthcare wrote: "A few years ago my sister and her family joined my family on a trip on the Grand Canyon Railway. We stayed in the hotel in Williams. We purchased the travel package that included meal vouchers. The staff were fabulous, and the food and accomodations were amazing. We knew the train travel would be a blast, with the cowboy musicians and staged train robbery, but we had no idea how much fun to expect at the hotel! We met so many people who were all in great spirits, and the kids really enjoyed the indoor pool. This is definitely a trip we will plan again."
Coquet from John C Lincoln wrote: "My testimonial is on the Grand Canyon Railway, my husband and I took the railway for our anniversary and had such a great time. The staff were really friendly and knowledgable about the area and things to do at the canyon, besides just seeing the canyon. We seen wildlife on the trip also. It was fabulous and I would reccommend it to everyone."
Lilly from US Airways wrote: "I wanted to tell you about the Grand Canyon Railway trip to the Grand Canyon on the train. It was wonderful! The trip is so enjoyable & the show is entertaining & my family loved it! We will do this again & again!"
Vicki from State of Arizona wrote: "The trip on the Grand Canyon Railway was great! You get to see scenery you don't see from the car, a few wild animals too if you are as lucky as we were. The hosts on the train treated us like guests, it was great!"

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