Catrina G. from The Employee Network wrote: "IMPRESSED and FUN!!! Madame Tussauds brought celebrities to life; not only did their hair, style, and poses resemble the real life star but the different stage props made the entire setting complete.  There were several rooms full of these wax figurines where you could dress up and interact with them too!!!  I danced with one of the greatest entertainers, Micahel Jackson and sat in the bleachers to watch Babe Ruth…this was definitely a once in a life time picture opportunity."

Kristen B. from The Employee Network wrote: "I went to the Madame Tussauds Las Vegas with my Mom and my Aunt. From start to finish we had an amazing time. My favorites were the professional athletes. Shaq (Shaquille O'neal) and Michael Jordan were amazingly tall and real life. You could play basketball right next to Shaq while he is holding the dunking pose. Being a tennis player I also enjoyed playing Wi Tennis right next to Andre Agassi! (I think he was impressed;]) We got to see the attraction at an amazing rate which was an extra plus! Thank you Employee Network!!"