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Scott from City of Mesa Fire Department wrote: "The San Diego Zoo is like no other zoo I have ever experienced. There are so many animals it is simply amazing. Plus, it seemed like every time we came to a new exhibit the signs were boasting that a baby was kids absolutely loved seeing the new offspring. Unlike many other zoos, the San Diego Zoo is packed with animals and more importantly, they are in very close proximity to one another. In other words, you don't have to walk forever to see the next animal. My wife and I both agree that the architectural features are unparalleled, as well. There is so much to do for any and all families, couples, and individuals. You will absolutely love this zoo."
Wade from Honeywell wrote: "The San Diego Zoo is incredible! There is so much to see and do. If you want to see the highlights, take the tram tour otherwise you won't be able to see the major attractions in one day. We had a wonderful time here and want to go back again."
Steve from The Employee Network wrote:"We got there in the morning and started off with a nice bus tour of the park. We sat up on top but we probably could have seen more down below. After that, we were all hungry so we went to Albert's Restaurant in the zoo. It offers full service fine dining and includes open-air deck seating overlooking a private waterfall. I had a really great flat iron steak sandwich. Did not have time to go on the sky ride which was inclusive in our tickets. We should have done that first and headed to the other side of the park and worked our way back. I make that mistake every time we go. Our tickets also include the shuttle which is a bus that lets you get off in the areas that you want to visit and then picks you to go to next area of choice. I would have been happier doing the shuttle thing and not doing the Bus Tour. The one big thing that I wanted to see was the brand new Elephant Odyssey exhibit. They put huge dollars into this deal and its awesome to see. Reminded me of the movie Jurassic Park the way they built it. You need to check it out."

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