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Catrina from The Employee Network wrote: "Excitement around every corner! This is a great day attraction to take the kids.  There were several small display of animals through out the aquarium; there were even areas that you could touch the SLIMY creatures of the sea, stand over stingrays, and be surrounded by SHARKS!!! Near the end the kids could run off any spare engery in the small gymnsium.  This could be a quick visit or hours of fun-filled time with the family!"
Tshona from Scottsdale Healthcare wrote: "I had the pleasure of finally visiting the new SeaLife Aquarium at Arizona Mills Mall several weeks ago. It was such an amazing place! They have a variety of aquatic animals. Starfish, jellyfish and even my favorite, stingrays! The way the place is set up is very condusive to kids. (and the young at heart, like me!) Lots of interactive exhibits and neat see-thru glass bubbles that kids can crawl into, to feel like they are in the middle of a fish tank! Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend this place. Especially for families w/children. It was a great deal, especially getting the tickets thru The Employee Network!"
Clarissa from Town of Gilbert wrote: "I visited SeaLife Aquarium in Tempe. I purchased tickets through the Treasure Chest at a discounted price, which I thought the price was very reasonable. The exhibition and the layout of the aquarium were great. I enjoyed viewing the sea creatures especially sea horses and jelly fish at the aquarium."
Linda from Town of Gilbert wrote: "I went to the Sea Life Aquarium AZ with my girlfriend at AZ Mills Mall. The mantaray and shark tank was really cool! You could and see the lips of the mantarays moving as they glided past the tank and up the sides. The moray eel and lion fish were very fasinating to see too. There were several tanks full of tiny sea horses swimming around. It was great!"
Joe from Intel wrote: " I had to put together a team building event for the 9 people in my group at work. We went to the SeaLife Aquarium in Tempe. It was great and the staff was very helpful allowing us to ask questions and take multiple pictures for our group. Although it is a smaller aquarium it is great for being in Tempe. After attending with my team I went back and took my kids. I highly recommend visiting but only after visiting the Employee Network to save ~40% on tickets."

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