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Catrina from The Employee Network wrote: "Fun for all ages, ALL day long!!! There are several ADORABLE animal shows along with short Cirque de Soleil draws.  There are animal “trainers” next to interesting displays like the starfish.  They are humorous, love the animals but most of all answer questions regarding the on site creatures. Of course don’t forget the breath taking rides that have you whizzing and whirling all around. Great place and good memories made with the ENTIRE family!"
Rebecca from CVS Caremark wrote: "I used The Employee Network website to receive discount SeaWorld tickets for San Diego, CA. It was such a quick and easy process. Thank you for offering this for participating companies."

Tamera from the City of Henderson wrote:"I used the Employee Network to purchase California SeaWorld tickets. The tickets were a great deal as they were a two day pass for the price of one day. We went to the park to celebrate Christmas time with family and friends. They were an additional benefit in that they did not have block out days during the holidays. We enjoyed a beautiful California day in Sea World and now have another ticket to return during the year."

Steve with The Employee Network wrote: "I was pleased at how easy it was to get a cold adult beverage at SeaWorld than I had remembered. I noticed that the park was busy but not busy enough that we really ever had to stand in lines for more than a couple of minutes. That's kind of a treat. We've been to SeaWorld quite a few times over the years. I never knew that you could go into the stables to see the Clydesdale Horses. We were both amazed that you could walk right up and touch them. Can't believe we never went in there before. I wanted to go on Journey to Atlantis which is a really cool water ride but Tena was to chicken. We did walk through the childrens area, it looks like a blast. She wouldn't let me play in there either. Well I'll talk to you some more later about San Diego Zoo but let me tell you, if you haven't been to SeaWorld for awhile, GO! I'm not sure you will ever again be able to be there with such light crowds."

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