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Toni C. from Microchip wrote: "I had the best time on the Verde Canyon Railroad, the scenery was spectacular.  I even was able to see an Bald Eagles nest and the Eagle in flight. If you are looking for a day trip it is perfect."
Vicki from Arizona DPS wrote: "I purchased discounted tickets to the Verde Canyon Railroad. And I have to say that from the first contact with the Employee Network staff and then the staff at Verde Canyon Railroad, my experience was top notch all the way. Everyone was courteous, pleasant and seemed to enjoy their jobs. We took my 4 year old son and the staff made it completely enjoyable for all of us. We would recommend the Employee Network and the Verde Canyon Railroad to everyone. Best experience I have had"
Margaret from US Airways wrote: "My elderly parents were visiting from England, and we decided to take them on the Verde Canyon Railway. From start to finish it was a wonderful experience. We were so happy with the service from the ticketing agent to all the staff on board the train, who treated everyone like Royalty throughout the leisurely ride. We were lucky to see nesting Eagles and other wildlife pointed out by the staff. As it was Easter time, we even had a visit from the Easter Bunny, which topped off the occasion, and made sure it was one memory that will be forever etched in our minds. We would recommend the experience to all, and have done so to many people already."
Miriam from Arizona State University wrote: "My husband and I took the Verde Canyon Railroad tour in May 2008. We bought first class tickets when they had a buy one, get one free special. The vintage train itself was an experience as it took us back to the days of old. It really seemed like we were back in the west riding on a rickety old iron horse. The indoor cars are climate controlled and the seats are comfortable. A small and tasty buffet was available along the ride. The restrooms are as small as the ones in an airplane. The serenity of the valley and standing out in the shaded open train car (which has benches in the middle and handrails for ease in walking) was soothing yet exhilarating as it seemed like the past would come alive! We did bring binoculars so we did get to see one bald eagle from afar. There were different and interesting rock formations that the tour guide pointed out throughout the ride; however, it was difficult to hear the guide over the speaker since the train is very loud. Overall, this is a good "been there, done that" experience. Bring a camera and binoculars and if possible, go when the weather is cooler."
Yolanda from City of Tempe wrote: "My husband and I had decided to celebrate our 22 anniversary, not too far from our home of Mesa. When it's time to go anywhere I always check to see if the Employee Network is offering any great deals~especially now, when everyone is trying to stretch their dollar. We decided on the Verde Canyon Railroad. We are so glad we decided to use this particular merchant. The experience was MORE than we thought it would be. The value was excellent, and definitely well worth the drive up north. The railroad cars were comfortable, the food was great, and the staff was all very kind and knowledgable about the tour. The tour itself was incredible. It was relaxing trip and we met so many wonderful people. Thanks Employee Network for having top notch merchants and services to choose from."
Donna from the City of Chandler wrote: "I have had the pleasure of taking the Verde Canyon Railroad ride twice within the last year. The first was a birthday surprise that turned out to be a wonderful experience. During that first trip we were able to view the eagles from afar. It was such an amazing experience that I planned a second trip when the leaves were turning. It was such a wonderful day. Very relaxing, and the conductors (or that is what I call them) I thought had a lot of information to share while throwing in some humor. Making the educational talk a lot more interesting. Each time I went I learned something new and saw new things. I can't think of a more enjoyable way to spend the day then just riding and relaxing and seeing the beautiful countryside."

Rita from the Mayo Clinic wrote: "I've traveled on the Verde Canyon Railroad a number of times, and each time I am surprised by the newness of it. The canyon never sleeps - it is constantly changing - yellow cottonwoods in the fall, cool grasses in the heat of the summer, wildflowers at every turn in the spring, and the proud wonder of the bald eagles in the winter. My problems seem as small as I do in this open place. I can feel how good it is to take a deep breath. It centers me. Our guides have been great story tellers. Each one has his or her own style. With their encouragement we rush out to the open observation cars to see elk, mule deer, eagles, and rock formations - or just to feel untarnished air on our faces...and drink all of it in. We always travel in the first class car and it's so very worth it - great food, great hosts, comfortable seats, great views. We are never disappointed, and our visitors always rave about it. The Verde Canyon Railroad is a place of renewal, of history, of life. It is such an honor to ride."

Patricia from Phoenix Children's Hospital wrote: "I have taken this wonderful trip on the Verde Canyon Railroad and find that it makes this Arizona native think she is back in the frontier days, only in a much more elegant, comfortable style. Watching for nesting eagles, looking at the rock formations which resemble animals or what ever your imagination can conjure makes the hectic life we left behind feel as if it were never there. I especially enjoyed the ranch, it brings the reality of what Arizona was really like, "back then, in the Olden Days". This trip is one to share with family and friends, old and young."

Jennifer from the City of Scottsdale wrote: "My testimonial is about the Verde Canyon Railroad. We love the experience. The entire afternoon is a pleasant trip back in time with families having fun and couples enjoying a relaxing time together."
Carla from Southwest Gas Corporation wrote: "I thoroughly enjoyed my experience riding the Verde Canyon Railroad. The cost was inexpensive and they treated everyone very professional. I recommend that anyone that is in the Sedona area should take this relaxing train ride. Hats off!!!"

Steve from The Employee Network wrote: "You should know, T and I travel around a bit after Road Show Season. So here's another adventure to tell you about. The Verde Canyon Railroad train ride through the awesome Verde Valley. The Verde Canyon Railroad folks are the best. They welcome you aboard and you know they are happy that you're there. We took the 1st class car and let me tell you it's luxury baby! Big, bold, suck-you-in-to-your-seat couches invite you to enjoy the beautiful view thru their picture windows. There is a complete bar with top shelf liquors and an expert Bar Tender to make whatever your heart desires. The bar tender was quick to get everyone involved in looking out the windows as she pointed out wild life and rock formations. Just as a side note, many of you reading this have met Teresa from the Verde Canyon Railroad at our Employee Network Road Shows. Don't be bashful about dropping her name, not sure it will really get you anything more than a smile but ya never know. Go take this trip, you'll be happy you did!"

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